A Board’s Eye View of Digital in Enterprise – 2018


‘A Board’s Eye View of Digital in Enterprise’ is a first of its kind research initiative, both in terms of breadth of coverage and depth of analysis. It is unique as the approach has not been adopted earlier. Never before have the analysts sifted through thousands and thousands of pages (330,000 to be precise in our case) looking for the narrative around digital (and related aspects that make it) to decode the construct of ‘digital in enterprise’. In total 62,000 digital-related words were identified, and 3,771 chunks of qualitative content were analyzed for 1750 global enterprises.
The report presents the outcome of the rigorous research that our analysts carried out, putting in 12 man-months of efforts. The report also contains the 100 Global Gems of Digital Enterprise, a first of its kind as seen from the digital lens. It is presented in a contemporary style for better assimilation.


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