CIO Leading Change

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are standing at a crucial juncture today. The long-standing business models at their respective organizations are being hit by the tsunami of SMAC—Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. Organizations must rise—and face that wave, it’s no longer a choice.

Innovative application of information and communication technologies is a critical re-building block for the organizations. And that’s why, for CIOs, this is a rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step up and help lead their organizations to compete, survive, and, emerge stronger in this era of disruptive transformation. The CIO’s new role is all about Change Leadership..

The question is: are they prepared? Well, to face it, the general belief is that many CIOs are not prepared to cope with what their roles demand now.

CIO Leading Change brings a holistic approach to enabling CIOs to acquire a new leadership orientation in their respective contexts. It employs a three-pillar approach of leading change—becoming self aware, being able to assess the larger situation and becoming empowered to create change generative conversations.

Designed for CIOs and aspiring CIOs, this book comes with a highly usable CIO Leadership Roles and Competencies Inventory Framework developed by Coeus Age. The framework and the associated instruments can be used by CIOs to assess themselves on 24 roles and related competencies. The assessment will equip them with the necessary insights and set them on a Leadership Development plan that best suits their need.

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