Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

Dr. Kapil Dev Singh is the Founder & CEO, Coeus Age Consulting.

Dr. Singh has over two decades of rich experience, and has headed IDC in India for close to 8 years as the Country Manager. He has been tracking the ICT industry for 20 years now. He is currently spearheading path breaking research on digital enterprise and new technologies.

Dr. Singh is passionate about driving a new discourse among the contemporary business and government leaders on managing in the digital age. He is also advising them on the change aspects related to embracing the paradigm of digital.

Dr. Singh is an Engineer, and an MBA. He is also a doctorate from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India.

He regularly writes blogs and articles, which are read by business leaders across the globe. He has also¬†authored seven books –Looking Inward, CIO Leading Change, 21 Jewels of Digital,¬†The Platform Edge, LEADDDING, 41 Gems of Digital India, and THRIVING IN A DATA ECONOMY