In 21 Jewels of Digital the authors, Kapil Dev Singh, showcase how some of the truly transformative Indian enterprises–spanning across the industry spectrum–have defied the myth of being averse to risk and have taken the required bold steps to join the global bandwagon.

the-platform-edgeA lot has been talked about Platforms, but none is for the traditional enterprises. The book The Platform Edge- Building A Digital Enabled Business Model, by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh,is the first of its kind book to present a framework for the traditional businesses to become future ready.

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CIO Leading Change_cover 2_rev3.indd

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are standing at a crucial juncture today. The long-standing business models at their respective organizations are being hit by the tsunami of SMAC. CIO Leading Change brings a holistic approach to enabling CIOs to acquire a new leadership orientation in their respective contexts.

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Looking Inward is a big departure from the business thinking of the stable era, it requires CEOs to focus on generating business capabilities to become agile and nimble. The book brings fresh and unique perspectives around exploiting IT for creating business capabilities.

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