11 Firsts from Coeus Age

Coeus Age is a new age research and consulting organization with a very interesting journey since 2011.

Coeus Age was founded by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, who earlier headed IDC India as the Country Manager. With more than two decades of research experience and a PhD, Dr. Singh brings in a very interesting mix of industry knowledge, research understanding and community building skills.

Coeus Age has been instrumental in setting the agenda on digital, continually over the past several years. We have initiated many FIRSTS in the industry; the notable 11 of them are given below.

1. A dynamic framework of Business Value of IT, 2012

Business Value of IT – A Report

Looking Inward – A Book (2014)

2. Research on the unsettled issue of IT and Productivity Relation, 2013

IT in Indian Enterprises: Productivity and Beyond –  A Report (Released at CPC 2013)

3. CIO leadership development initiative, 2013

www.cioleadingchange.com platform

CIO Leading Change in the Digital Economy – A Book

CIO Leadership Roles and Competencies Inventory (CIO LRCI) Framework

Series of leadership workshops with 300+ CIOs

4. A holistic framework of Digital Enterprise, 2014

Presented at CPC 2014

Used the framework to design a 8-workshops series attended by 200+ CIO Leaders

5. Debate on digital among the CXOs, 2015

www.leaddding.com platform

Leading Digitally to Disrupt, Innovate and Grow – A Book

6. Digital Dynamics – market size and vendor landscape, 2015

Report unveiled during CPC 2015

7. Discovery of India’s 21 leading digital enterprises, 2015

21 Jewels of Digital – A Book

8. An operational view of Enterprise Digital Platform, 2015

Report unveiled during CPC 2015

9. A complete narrative on the Enterprise Digital Platform, 2016

The Platform Edge – A Book

10. A Holistic Debate on eGovernance

Gems of Digital India 2017, 2018

11. A Board’s Eye View of Digital in Enterprise, 2019

A global research covering 1750 enterprises across  19 industries and 62 countries

Coeus Age Consulting now has three vibrant community platforms being fueled with research driven insights –Maximum GovernanceLEADDDING and CIO Leading Change.

We would be very keen on discussing what we do and how we can partner together for a compelling solution around research, content and engagements. We bring on table key skills to create innovative research driven content and engagements.

Please Contact Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, CEO and Principal Research Analyst, Coeus Age

+91 9811771187, kds@coeusage.com